• Nichole LaGrow

Writing Tips: PIES

Fall is the perfect time for pies.

Pumpkin pie.

Apple pie.

Pecan Pie.

Who doesn't love pie?

But I love pie for another reason. PIES is a simple way to remember the main elements of a paragraph.

P - Point

The point is the topic sentence of the paragraph. Every other sentence in the paragraph should relate to the point.

I - Information

Information is the information from your source. It could be a quote, paraphrase, or summary from a creative or nonfiction work. Remember to include the name of the author and the work when you add in your source information. There could be one or two sentences of information.

E - Explanation

Explanation is what you think about the information. It is your chance to share your ideas about the topic. It is your chance to apply the quote, summary, or paraphrase to the topic of the paragraph. There could be one or two sentences of explanation.

S - Significance

Significance essentially answers why the information in your paragraph is important. If you are writing one paragraph the significance helps end the paragraph for your reader by telling us how to use or what we should do with this information. If you are writing more than one paragraph, the significance can help connect the ideas between the paragraphs to build your presentation of ideas. There should be at least one sentence of significance.

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