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On Our Bookshelves: The Wild Robot, 1

The Wild Robot, 1 by Peter Brown

Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Grade Level: 3 - 7

Short Synopsis

When ROZZUM unit 7134 lands unexpectedly on an island, everything changes. The island animals are startled by their new companion who does not quite seem to fit in anywhere until they cannot imagine their island without her. The story details a year of adventures on the island as Roz learns from the animals of the island and they learn from Roz too. Together they create a community that respects, cares, and listens to one another. The bond they share can meet the challenge of any natural or manmade foe. Although it might sound like a fantasy story, Brown's storytelling transforms Roz and her animal friends from fantastical to real for readers of all ages.


The Wild Robot, 1 is appropriate for young readers of various ages and comfort with reading. For strong readers, the story can be devoured independently. For early or unsure readers, the chapters are short and can be digested in one sitting. The inclusion of illustrations provides natural pauses for all readers to reflect on the story. The length of the chapters also makes the work an easy read-along for bedtime with any young reader.

Additionally, as the first of two books that follow Roz's adventures, the story can continue. Young readers often like sequels and series because they want to learn more about their favorite characters.


Spring is the perfect time to begin reading The Wild Robot, 1. Roz's observations of the animals on the island can inspire young readers and writers to keep their own nature journal. There are many resources available on the internet to guide your child's nature journaling. The Art of Simple's Nature Journaling with Kids provides an excellent guide for those who are already comfortable writing or comfortable in nature. My Mountain Wild's Free Printable Kids Nature Journal provides more structure for those who are new to writing or spending time in nature.

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