• Nichole LaGrow

Labor Day Weekend

Summer may not technically be over until the end of September, but for many of us, Labor Day always signals an end to funfilled summer days. But Labor Day is so much more. It is not just another holiday; it is a holiday special to America and meant to recognize the efforts of the many laborers who have contributed to America's success.

There are two key ways that you can bring your middle schooler into the celebration. One is to look to the past. And the other is to look to the future.

Recognize Your Family's Contribution. American families all contribute to America's success in some way. My great-uncle helped to build the Hoover Dam as part of the Works Progress Administration. My grandfather was recognized for his contributions to heart health by participating in an early medical study. A cousin once or twice removed was there when the Berlin Wall came down. And that is all just on one side of my family tree. On the other side, I have decades of farmers and mechanics who kept our nation fed and our factories functioning. Take the time this weekend to make sure your middle schoolers know how your family contributed to America.

Dream about the Future. As we move into the 21st century, the American workforce is shifting quicker than we can imagine. Skillsets we never dreamed of when we were in school like -- coding, web design, or social media marketing -- are now commonplace. Take a few moments to ask your middle schooler to dream with you about the future. What will the future be like? What careers and skillsets will we need? You may learn something too, not just about your child, but about how she or he sees the world and the opportunities he or she believes is within reach.

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